Attendee Registration

URGENT: Please fill out all student details and DOWNLOAD & PRINT the General Waiver of Liability for each student. Parents must fill this out and return a physical copy. Chaperones: please collect them from your students and bring them to ImaGINation 2015. We will collect them from you at the conference reception.


It’s time to gather more detailed information about attendees, to eventually enable us to facilitate the conference more fully.

Lead chaperone, please fill out with student and chaperone DETAILS HERE.

Be sure to have the following information handy to fill out the form:

1.  Names and emails of all chaperones.
2.  Full names, emails, grades and ages of all attendees.
3.  Flight and accommodation details.
4.  Medical and dietary restrictions, if any.
5.  Information about students who can play instruments.
6.  Information about student-prepared presentations.