What is GIN?

What is the Global Issues Network (GIN)?

The Global Issues Network (GIN) empowers young people to collaborate locally, regionally and globally to create solutions for global issues. Each year, thousands of students worldwide engage in GIN-related activities. Any middle/high school aged student is welcome to join.

GIN Ethos

To engage empathy as a guide to our acceptance, commitment and identity as citizens of the globe, as Global Citizens.

To answer our call to action as Global Citizens, as leaders of today.

To make our work effective and sustainable.

To continually inspire and foster our individual and communal self-empowerment.

To value life-long learning as a means of self empowerment and regard our actions as a manifestation of our power to create change.

To encourage our participants to express themselves in multi-faceted ways with an aim to better their ability to deliver a message as strong communicators.

To innovate and empower action oriented socio-environmental awareness and ecological function through a commitment to accessibility, transparency, and peaceful communication.