The 20 Global Issues

Global Issues

Jean-François Rischard identified twenty global problems:

Issues involving the global commons

1. Climate Change

2. Biodiversity & Ecosystem Losses

3. Fisheries Depletion

4. Deforestation

5. Water Deficits

6. Maritime Safety & Pollution

Issues requiring a global commitment

7. Massive Step-Up in the Fight Against Poverty

8. Peacekeeping, Conflict Prevention, Combating Terrorism

9. Education for All

10. Global Infectious Diseases

11. Digital Divide

12. Natural Disaster Prevention & Mitigation

Issues needing a global regulatory approach

13. Reinventing Taxation for the 21st Century

14. Biotechnology Rules

15. Global Financial Architecture

16. Illegal Drugs

17. Trade, Investment, & Competition Rules

18. Intellectual Property Rights

19. E-commerce Rules

20. International Labor & Migration Rules

In addition, many GIN activities have involved global issues associated with human rights such as gender equality, child labor, discrimination, and the rule of law.

Human Rights