Conference Information

ImaGINation 2015 is coming!  Stamford American International School is hosting the 3rd annual Middle School Global Issues Network (GIN) conference here in Singapore March 13-14, 2015.

More than 200 students have already signed up, representing almost two dozen schools from around the region.  Registration has now closed.

The Global Issues Network (GIN) empowers young people to collaborate locally, regionally and globally to create solutions for global issues. Each year, thousands of students worldwide engage in GIN-related activities. Any middle school student is welcome to join the Global Issues Network and this conference is dedicated to those students.

Imagine a world where Jean Francois Richards’ 20 Global Issues are being faced and solutions are being explored and created by our own students. Imagine being a part of the inspiration to drive these creative minds. Imagine how your students can become a part of the solution to create a better world.

Join ImaGINation 2015 to help students create a platform for change this year!

Stamford American International School is excited to host this event over two full days later this school year and will be releasing the registration and reservation information, accommodation list, conference attendees, keynote speakers and other information soon!

Cost of the Conference: The conference will cost SG$ 335.00 (approx. US$250) per participant which includes entrance to the conference, food during the weekend and is also inclusive of GST.

Fast Facts:

Venue:  Stamford American International School, Singapore
Date:  March 13 -14, 2015 (Friday & Saturday)
Cost:  SG$ 335.00 (US$250.00) per participant

Please contact: should you have questions or need clarification.