Closing Ceremony

Inviting all Conference Attendees to participate in Closing Ceremony.
Bring your instruments!


In 1942, as a response to the US entry into World War II, American classical composer Aaron Copland composed The Fanfare For The Common Man for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. It is still performed regularly today by Symphony Orchestras all over the world, and remains an enduring cultural symbol of the need for humanity to find a common path to peace and sustainability.

At this year’s GIN conference we would like to showcase this seminal 20th century work by inviting all conference attendees, chaperones and organizers to participate in a workshop to create a new composition inspired by Copland’s masterpiece. You need no musical experience, as there are opportunities to be involved through singing, dancing, or playing an instrument. We will meet on Friday to create our composition, have a short rehearsal on Saturday and perform at the closing ceremony in the Reagan Theater on Saturday evening.

Please get in touch with Katherine Sullivan ( if you have any queries about instruments that may be too big to travel as we may have them here at Stamford.