Need to Know

Pre-Conference Preparation

ImaGINation 2015 is coming! We are only a short time away now and we wanted to prepare you for some of the events coming up.

We ask that in preparation for the conference, all attendees participate in some pre-conference preparation activities ahead of time:

1. Read: A Long Walk to Water – by Linda Sue Park. This book outlines the life of Salva Dut – one of our keynote speakers. He will be available to speak about the book and would like everyone to clearly understand the issues facing the people of South Sudan and how his organization, Water for South Sudan, helps to meet the challenges as well as making change. You may download this book on the iBooksstore or might have it in your local library. It is available for purchase throughAmazon. Check with your school librarian.

2. Make a Global Issues Workshop Presentation – The student team is asked to prepare an interactive workshop on their efforts to address a global issue with sustainable solutions. The team will present this workshop to approximately 20 other delegates. One of the tenets of a GIN conference is the demonstration of student leadership by the attendees and participants. The purpose is to share the knowledge and experiences acquired during the process of the project. It must be:

  • Based on an essential question
  • Interactive-wireless will be available in every room
  • 40 minutes in length divided into presentation, activities, and discussion

Students should create a presentation per school to present during the break-out sessions. View the example to understand more. Click here to view the Workshop Guideline.

3. Join a GANG! (Global Action Network Group) – Once we have gathered all of the student and participant details, we will be emailing students directly to ask them for their interest in a particular issue related to a Global Action Network Group. Stay tuned.

4. Select a Friday Singapore Excursion (mostly off campus). We will be off campus for part of the event on Friday morning to explore different solutions that Singapore and Singaporeans are creating to make changes to their own community. We will ask for your first, second, and third choices for these event. Due to the limited numbers for each group, we may be required to place some students/adults into groups that were not first, second, or third choice. We will attempt to accommodate however, it is not a guarantee. We ask that all participants enter into the morning activity with open minds. This list will be included on the website with descriptions shortly.

5. Participant Particulars – Ask your Lead Chaperone to fill in the student and participant particular details (on the registration page). This will help us organize and prepare some of the off-campus events as well as organize buses throughout the weekend. It also allows us to make sure we know if there are any specific allergy or health needs during your time on campus. This announcement will be sent directly to Lead Chaperones for the trip and the form will also be available on the website.