GIN Mural

Submit Your Design!

Participants are invited to paint a mural on campus during the conference. The mural will be colorful and fun, displaying historical and contemporary global culture and heritage. Designs collected will be combined into the final mural designs, along with each design being photographed and shown in a variety of venues: online, community gallery, and during the culminating mural reveal celebration.


  • Artwork will be submitted by participating schools
  • Open to all ages attending the conference
  • This competition is open to any artistic style, interpretation, and genre. Entries must reflect the
    following words –
    Heritage Global Imagination Community Innovation
  • Participants may choose to work independently or as a group. Anyone involved in any aspect of
    the creation of an entry must be listed as a group member when submitting their work.


  • Stamford students may submit entries to the reception area at school or send images to Ms.
    Johnson ( or Ms. Bailey ( via email.
    Please include your full name, contact email address, and class name on the reverse of the work.
  • Entries may be on paper, by photograph or PDF, or via email. No size limitations.
  • By participating in this competition, you are agreeing to allow Stamford American International
    School and Global Issues Network to use images or create videos from your work.


Monday, March 9, 2015 at 5pm . . . Multiple entries will be chosen.


Submitted entries will be presented to a team from Stamford, nd artwork will be sorted and combined to
create one final image to be used for the mural. Submitted artwork will also be used for promotional purposes and various shows both online and within the Singapore community.