Saturday Breakout Workshops

Attendees: Please review the information here to find out about the different breakout workshops being offered by attending schools. Individual students should make their selections on the form. Due to size restrictions, maximum limits will be up to 20 attendees per workshop and we encourage schools to divide their student to view as many sessions as possible.

  1. Solving the Climate Crisis through Small-Scale Engineering and Design – International School Beijing
    • By examining student-built small-scale models such as aquaponics systems and hydroelectric and wind turbines, participants will actively engage with the engineering and design cycle by developing blueprints for building their own climate change solutions.
  2. Sustainable Service Initiatives Singapore American School
    • Cambodian high school students will speak about Cambodia’s Future Foundation and the foundation’s initiatives as well as GIN students facilitating discussion to promote idea generation for projects.
  3. Social Innovation Strategy SessionStamford American International School
    • Stamford Innovation students will present and gather advice from their audience during a strategy session about their current class projects which address a global issue and contain a sustainable solution. (This presentation will occur 2X – once per 45 minute session)
  4. Mobile Library Literacy Programs (Beep Beep Books)Stamford American International School
    • Students will explain their recent project to support a mobile library and community center for at-risk children in Cebu, Philippines (This presentation will occur 2X – once per 45 minute session)
  5. Plastic Pollution Project – Shanghai Community International School
    • Students will present their on-going school project about plastic pollution and GIN Club’s initiative to remove the usage of plastic around their school.
  6. Planting SEEDS in Nepal – International School of the Sacred Heart – Tokyo
    • Promoting education in Nepali schools with the power of light!
  7. Earth Enforces – Bangalore International School
    • Focus on loss of biodiversity worldwide and specifically in and around Bangalore in India and devise possible measures to resolve the crisis.
  8. Causes and Effects of Bullying in our society and Anti-Bullying Strategies – Chadwick International School
    • Chadwick International students investigate the causes and effects of bullying in our society and suggest strategies for schools and communities to eradicate bullying.
  9. Communication as Empowerment for Burmese Children – International School of Myanmar
    • Share our experience in building a strong, confident foundation in the English language for Burmese children in a government school.
  10. Families For Children Playground – American International School Dhaka
    • Our presentation will outline our long-standing relationship with Families For Children and elicit ideas from other ImaGINation participants on our latest project at FFC – a playground.
  11. COW: Change Our World – International School Manila
    • Where does change start? With you!
  12. Healthy Living in Shanghai – Shanghai American School
    • Students explore global issues in the local Shanghai school community by researching food waste, building composters, examining technology and balance, reinterpreting beauty, and considering animal rights.
  13. Pandoo Nation & Pandoo Clubs – Pandoo Foundation
    • Students can engage with the creator of Pandoo Foundation, learn specifically what they do and how they reach into communities in Cebu, Philippines & Cambodia. (This presentation will occur 2X – once per 45 minute session)
  14. The Price of PrivilegeEmmanuel Stroobant
    • Celebrity chef, Emmanuel Stroobant, will speak to students about how parent expectations and lifestyle choices impact our children. Chef Stroobant is the provider of all of the meals during the conference and also engaged in global issues and sustainable practices within his businesses and globally.
  15. How can we make “Education for All” relevant to us and our school-mates? – International Christian School, Hong Kong
    • We will share about our experience working with Room to Read to promote understanding of challenges faced by our peers in developing countries, and holding a book drive and sale to raise funds for Room to Read.
  16. Biodiversity in Our World – Concordia International School Shanghai
    • Actively engage in an exploration of the truth behind biodiversity loss and the solutions at work to reestablish ecological balance.
  17. Child Poverty – Canadian International School
    • We will explore the issue of child poverty and decide together as GIN students how to find a solution to this serious challenge.
  18. Amazing Race SimulationSaigon South International School
    • SSIS students will share their experiences in planning and hosting a global issues-centered event for their classmates that raised awareness as well as funds for charity in a fun and interactive way. This session will explain how they were able to incorporate their Challenge 20/20 focus, migration, into their activities to create their very own “Amazing Race”. Also, in this session participants will experience one global issues-centered Amazing Race activity.
  19. Action against IDA (Illegal Drug Addiction) International School Dhaka
    • The workshop will discuss the side effects of illegal drug addiction, the current situation in Bangladesh and elicit ideas on how to move the groups proposed actions forward.
  20. Education for AllMont’Kiara International School
    • Students will discuss the refugee experience and educational opportunities in Malaysia.
  21. Think Global, Act LocalUnited World College of Southeast Asia – Dover Campus
    • There are so many issues within Ron Ritchhart’s problems – How do you select who to support within your school, country, region? How do your local actions impact global issues? UWCSEA will lead a discussion and share ideas to work with you to help you set up and run a Global Concerns group to coordinate action and awareness.
  22. Student lead service with Boy ScoutsBoy Scout Troop Stamford
    • Learn how the local boy scout troop has organized student lead service opportunities.
  23. Starting your own GIN programStamford American International School
    • A group of three experienced global issues solvers will teach you the ins and outs of creating your own GIN group at your school to hopefully host your own conference in the future.