Librery Organization

Librery“Librery” is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 by two Filipino high school students, who dream of helping eradicate poverty in the Philippines through education. Librery builds libraries, or “Libreries”, in underdeveloped areas where children do not have easy, free access to books. Currently, Librery is focusing most of it’s efforts into building it’s libraries in orphanages to focus on helping educate the youth, but it hopes to expand to more poor, rural communities in the future to help people of all ages.

Mission & Vision

“Libre” means “Free” in Filipino, signifying how Librery’s main mission is to provide children free and easy access to books to help foster a love for learning and reading.

Our vision is for every child in The Philippines to be able to read, write and have a fervid desire for knowledge and education.


In 2010, Mika Limcaoco, Danielle Limcaoco, and Ally Benitez – two sisters and their cousin were the three founders of this organization – were inspired to help their country by more than just volunteering for different service activities or doing day-trips to different sites. They wanted to make a lasting difference that could help their country in the long-term. This is when they decided to create “Librery”, since they are both huge advocates for education.

Right now, Librery has three libraries and they both hope to see this organization spread throughout the whole Philippines so that every child will have the ability to read and empower themselves to learn.

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