Pandoo Foundation

Pandoo Foundation is a Singapore based non-profit organization linked to an online game world called Pandoo Nation. Launched by the founders of ShiftRunner and Pandoo Nation, its mission is to celebrate and assist a new generation of young people to put their values and evolving worldview into action and to actively participate in improving the lives of others.

On its own, and with carefully chosen partners, Pandoo Foundation funds and leads development programs in the areas of Education, Financial Inclusion and Health & Sanitation. Kids help in this process by completing in-game missions and directing the results of their success to the real-world projects of their choice. In this way, the organization is unique—it is kid-sponsored, kid-focused and kid-friendly. Pandoo Foundation gamifies giving!

Stamford has recently established an official partnership with Pandoo Foundation. Among other activities, a group of six Stamford students have come together to support and experience the Foundation’s literacy program by delivering books and literacy activities to children in Cebu City and Olango Island. Stamford students are also raising funds to meet their larger goal of funding Pandoo Foundation’s second mobile jeepney library that will help spread the love of reading to even more children in the Philippines.

Additionally, Pandoo Foundation has co-sponsored this year’s Global Issues Network Conference. They will be administering a unique Pandoo Nation #GameToGive Competition that will help raise funds for Librery Organization. They will also be providing two speakers to talk about the dynamic setup of their organization and how they continuously strive to create a greater number of empathetic and enthusiastic global citizens.

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