Telunas Family Service Trip

After hearing about the wonderful experiences that their sons and daughters had on the 6th grade Field Studies trip to Telunas in mid-October, many of our 6th grade parents started asking about an encore. So, in January Stamford offered the inaugural trip to five Stamford families.

We traveled to Telunas Beach in the Riau Islands, Indonesia and worked with a local village. This helped us build on Stamford’s mission of global awareness and action; encouraging all to become responsible, contributing citizens of the school and the global context. The aims of this Family Service Project also included:

  • Developing internationally minded citizens by fostering multicultural and intercultural interaction.
  • Celebrating diversity and building an understanding of, and respect for, different value systems and cultures.
  • Promoting critical understanding and compassion for others and the courage to act based on one’s beliefs.

Our community project was to paint a local school in the village of Pulau Moro Kacil. The school doesn’t get regular facilities upkeep or is more focused upon the learning rather than the facilities. We were able to paint the entire inside and outside of the main building over three and a half days. We also had cultural experiences that included a lunch at the village elder’s house and being welcomed to the village by a traditional drumming ceremony welcoming us to their island and village.

The trip was so popular that we are repeating it on a larger scale this Spring Break with 10 families.